Parole and 3G

3G Offenses

What are 3G offenses?  The Texas legislature has deemed some offenses especially egregious.  These offenses were once listed under Article 42.12(3)(g) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, hence they are referred to “3G” offenses.  Today, those offenses are listed under Code of Criminal Procedure 42A.054.  Some refer to these offenses as aggravated offenses.  

The crimes listed in Article 42A.054 are:

Capital Murder


Trafficking of Persons

Aggravated Kidnapping

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Robbery

Sexual Assault

Indecency with a Child by Contact

1st Degree Injury to a Child

Compelling Prostitution

Sexual Performance by a Child

1st Degree Criminal Solicitation

Burglary of a Habitation with intent to commit certain offenses

Certain drug offenses where a child was used in the commission of the offense or where the offense occurred in a “Drug-free Zone”

Any crime where a Deadly Weapon was used during or immediately after the offense

A person sentenced to prison for a 3G offense is not eligible for parole until half of the sentence has been served.  Anyone charged with a 3G offense must know that there are restrictions on the ability to receive probation.  A judge may not grant probation as part of a plea bargain, but a judge can typically grant DFAJ.  A jury can typically grant probation.  Most exceptions to these rules occur when someone is charged with a child sex crime.  Call a Board Certified defense lawyer to help you today at 817-482-6263.