Sealing Your Criminal Record


Expunction means that a criminal charge is erased from all criminal history databases.  The record of that charge permanently disappears.  Expunctions are generally available for those who have been acquitted of a crime - if your case is dismissed or no-billed by the Grand Jury or if you are found not-guilty, are pardoned, or were arrested but never charged.


Non-Disclosure means that a person has the right to not disclose a prior criminal charge.  The clerk of the court is also prevented from disclosing the information to others.  Non-Disclosure hides the charge from the public, while it is still visible to law enforcement.  Non-Disclosure is only available to individuals who have successfully completed a Deferred Adjudication; however, some offenses do not qualify for this legal remedy. Most of the offenses that do not qualify for Non-Disclosure are either 3G or family violence crimes.

Sealing Your Record To Protect Your Future

If you are interested in having your charges Expunged or Non-Disclosed, call immediately!  There are certain deadlines that may limit your access to these extremely important legal remedies.  While these powerful tools exist, they are also very complex.  The laws regarding both Expunction and Non-Disclosure change frequently. Do not chance having your application rejected.  Call 817-482-6263 today to let a Board Certified criminal law specialist ensure that your past does not affect your future.